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It’s not all about age, or job role, or gender. KanBo is resilient to serve the diversity of the human experience because we understand that different types of workers have unique work styles.


Board Lists

Create the perfect view of your team’s work

Design your own way of working by creating board lists that enhance visibility, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize resources, and improve processes. Use familiar names, colours or even describe each list’s purpose. KanBo offers a bird’s-eye view of task management, with the ability to dive deeper as needed. It is intuitive and transparent.


Organizing and prioritizing work

Labels are a simple way to add an extra layer of visual data and organization to your KanBo cards. By adding labels to cards you not only get information at a glance, but you also have more robust filtering and search capabilities at the tip of your finger. You can use labels in a million different ways: to prioritize tasks, to organize cards by teams, or to catalog a repository of cards by subject.

Board Collections

Create, manage and share portfolios

Board Collections give you the ability to create groups of boards for you, your team and the organization. For example, you can create a collection called “EMEA Projects” or “Social Media” and place all related boards into those collections. You’ll be able to navigate between collections with ease, seeing which are the most active and the most important boards in each. Collections will also display aggregated counters of unseen all board activities contained by a collection – so you know where work happens. You can share Board Collections with others, so you and your team see the same structure.

Board Templates

Flexible Enough to Meet Any Business Need

Any team can plan and manage their projects more effectively starting with KanBo templates. Enable your project teams to adapt through organizational learning. The use of project templates is a great way to improve efficiency – by allowing every project team to benefit from your organisation’s accumulated project management and process knowledge. In addition to single Board Templates, KanBo provides also complex Template Sets, which consist of multiple boards within card-relations between them. Boost your productivity with our templates from KanBo Solutions Shelf.

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