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Discover and deploy the best systematic approach to designing, executing and delivering extraordinary work for your organization. We work well when we balance flexibility and predictability.


Modern Gannt

Visual planning with modernized Gantt charts

See how the pieces fit together from the time perspective. Use KanBo modern Gantt to create project plans that help you stay on schedule – so you hit your deadlines. With KanBo modern Gantt you easily adjust your plan to keep your project on track and information about changes reach the right people in real time. See how tasks and deadlines connect, so you can identify problems and fix dependency conflicts before you start. Projects were never meant to be planned in spreadsheets – turn Excel into actionable plans now.

Date dependencies

Manage impact when deadlines shift

As all pieces of your plan are continuously changing KanBo guards the dependencies between them. Even when work changes and deadlines shift, KanBo visualizes the impact on affected elements of your entire work breakdown structure. Not only you see which work-packages or projects will not be delivered on time, but you can find the root cause with just two clicks. Leaping into the entire context of the card which is breaking your schedule enables you to see what happened and why the shift – without wasting any time you focus on solving the root cause.

Critical Path Method (CPM)

The GPS for complex projects

Identify activities that require more focus. Delay in these activities can throw projects off-track. Determine activities that can be completed in a shorter time (crashing) and reduce project duration. Use the critical path timeline as a benchmark and measure the actual progress against it. Identify non-critical activities and manage resources economically. With KanBo you are always ahead.

User View in Board

How much work is on each team member’s plate?

Assign cards so available resources are optimally deployed and are not overloaded. Quickly spot bottlenecks and resolve them. Have an accurate idea of resource availability and unassigned work. Drag&drop cards between lists that represent users to assign or reassign work – all involved people will get notified in real time about assignments.

Board Scorecard

Quick “at-a-glance” overview of the board

The Board Scorecard is a simple visual illustration of progress and status of work aggregated from various information stored inside of a board. See at a glance familiar KPIs like budget, risk metric, major milestones, cards of the board across the timeline and how the work is progressing against the schedule. Easily communicate project performance and health to busy executives and empower them with the capability to compare performance across multiple projects.

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