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Providing a coordinated system for decision-making to avoid the creation of silos and ensure the work is moving in the same direction by giving everyone clarity and automating all the coordination work.



See where everything stands

Visualize your work. Maintain a comprehensive view of portfolios, projects and processes. Move work through multiple stages quickly and easily. Get organized instantly and stay on track. Filter, Zoom in and out, drag & drop, scroll and move to see where everything stands in real time. Boards match the steps of a team’s workflow and adapt to how each team works.

Card relations

Slice projects into smaller work items

Complex work involves a lot of work items and, with no special care, visibility is quickly lost. Link KanBo cards across different boards and get the ultimate visibility you need to execute successfully. As you plan work you often break down bigger work packages into smaller parts. Often these smaller items are delivered by other departments or projects that have their own boards where they organize their scope of work. Building powerful dependencies and connections between cards across different boards with parent, child, next, previous or relative relations provides the right instrument to deal with this complexity. Opening a card that contains sub cards lets you see the overall progress of all smaller work pieces that are scattered throughout the organization in the blink of an eye.


Feel confident about time

Be aware within seconds of all upcoming dates related to work. The colours of the dots indicate if something is late, due soon or approaching in close future. The size shows how many work-related dates are earmarked for the day where the dot appears.

Card Status

Translate progress into your workflow

Every team has their own definition of “Done” and how to get there. With KanBo Card Status you create unique stages of the workflow for your project or process that every team member clearly understands. Use colours and icons to improve the common understanding of work being in a certain status. Design the structure of statuses and the transitions between them.

Card dates and Reminders

KanBo never forgets so you can focus on work

When you have a lot of things on your list, forgetting something seems inevitable. The notifications system in KanBo lets you rest easy while we keep track of your deadlines for you. If you want to be pinged about approaching deadlines or other card dates, just start following the cards that matter to you.

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