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Business Analytics is a foundational catalyst to better and more intelligent decision making. Good decisions are the building blocks of great business performance.


Board analytics

Gain visibility into a board at a glance

Get real-time visibility, drive alignment, and take immediate action. Easily configurable dashboards help your organization spot the right information at the right time, so you can make better decisions, faster. Display live data, cycle time histogram, cumulative flow and other charts and metrics that matter with interactive and customizable widgets.

Work completion

Focus on every fragment of work

With the increasing complexity of work one dimension to sort or group cards representing work is not enough. KanBo provides the possibility to group cards by users, labels, time, status or list to make scopes of work truly visible to act upon. Each of these work scopes calculates on the fly how much work has been completed for a given scope, i.e. how much work labelled as “Social Media” is completed or how much work due for next week is outstanding. The calculations of work completion levels consider also sub-cards from other boards. Equipped that powerful functionality you will identify bottlenecks and become more efficient than ever before.

Portfolio Analytics for C-Suite & Executives

Understand business performance in ways you previously could only imagine

Performance data fuels company initiatives, business decisions and compliance – making it increasingly important that it’s accurate and accessible. KanBo gives you features executives love for everything you need to plan smarter, report faster, and analyze better: Portfolio Tracker, Portfolio Roadmap, Portfolio Risks & Issues, Portfolio Overview, Portfolio Financial Details, Portfolio Pipeline and Executive Summary.

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