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Arrange your work the way it is best for you

As each board in KanBo represents a certain area i.e. a project, a department or a process you will find yourself quickly involved in many cards representing different work items spread across several boards. Each KanBo board gives you the perfect representation of the state of progress regarding the context it represents. But what about the context of YOU? The KanBo MyBoard is the place where your work, meaning all cards where you are involved as responsible, co-worker or otherwise will appear. It looks like a regular board with the major difference that only you can manage the lists to have you organized the way that matches your work style. The cards in MyBoard come from other boards but are not duplicates, they are virtual avatars of cards that actually “live” in their origin boards. Moving cards across the MyBoard does not affect the position in the origin boards where the cards actually “live” – the MyBoard is the place where you visualize and prioritize your own work stream.

MyBoard Views

Switch between views on your workstream

What is due next week within my work stream? Which projects or departments generate most of the work for me? What is already late? How full is the current month? All these questions can be quickly answered by using the MyBoard Views functionality. Manage your time wisely with insights gained from different visualizations of your workstream.

MyBoard fill rules

Decide yourself how your MyBoard captures relevant work for you

Define your own rules which cards will be added automatically to your MyBoard. Why not add cards to your MyBoard automatically where you are being assigned as responsible? You can also define which list in your MyBoard will receive all automatically “caught” cards. You can also have cards automatically added where you are co-worker. Or maybe you are this type of person who prefers to add cards to your MyBoard manually – then turn off all rules and have the total control of what makes it to your MyBoard. Your MyBoard = Your Work Style.

Outlook/Google Calendar Integration

Overlay your work and your upcoming schedule on one timeline

Why keep your schedule in a separate silo, away from where the your work and personal coordination happens? In all time based MyBoard views like the Calendar view, you will see your event items from your favourite calendar application next to your dates from your cards. The MyBoard also contains a timeline that overlays all dates on a timeline where you will also find the events from your calendar app. As you would expect the synchronisation occurs in real time.

Create Private Cards

You cannot take your post-its from your monitor with you

Description is coming soon

Personal Dates

You can also set a private card date – a personal follow-up will remind only you at appropriate time.

Description is coming soon

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