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KanBo enables an ecosystem for meaningfulness where individual work connects to the organization’s broader mission and the employees are empowered to give and receive from others in the course of work through personal flexibility and choice.


Following KanBo elements

Personalize your information feed

KanBo makes sure that you are always up to date on all topics that are relevant to you. To ensure that you just mark elements that are important to you like cards, lists or entire boards as followed by you. The smallest possible context to follow is the card – then you will be receiving all updates like new comments, status or list changes, changes of documents, user assignments, date changes and many more right to your personal notification stream. If you follow a list inside of a board, i.e. because it represents a certain stage of a workflow which you are responsible for, KanBo will inform you about all changes inside of cards that are right now part of a list you chose to follow. Sometimes you might decide to stay updated about everything that happens inside of a certain board, just follow the entire board. Most importantly you can unfollow all KanBo elements when you feel that they are not as relevant anymore and you don’t need to be updated continuously. You can always check up on them when there is time and sudden need. Most importantly you are in control of what you need to be informed about, what is now relevant to do your work and how high is the load of your information stream of the current and history of work.

Meaningful enterprise search experience

Find answers, not links or documents

The search mechanisms and the underlaying information structure of KanBo search are unique and use unprecedented approaches to ultimately answer the question of the employee. Finding the right information is difficult without structured and tagged content especially in siloed environments of most of the companies today. But not for KanBo, which can use the mix of information coming from many corporate silos like ERP, CRM, DMS, or even to legacy network drives and still delivers relevant and contextualized search results that will make the employee smile.

The secret lays in KanBo’s own DNA, which is the precise work-context delivered through the atomic work-object, known as the KanBo Card. The KanBo Card “knows” who is working on it and why, it knows all the information bits including documents and other pieces of relevant data from external systems, it has all the conversations and all mechanical inputs like status changes frequency and meaning, user visits on a timeline, MyBoards it belongs to and other 60 signals that are taken into account by KanBo’s Machine Learning when composing the best of breed search results.

The signals are constantly changing, newer signals are fresher and more relevant because KanBo Cards and user behaviour change over time and these changes are used to personalize search results, so everyone finds exactly that what’s relevant to them right NOW.


Work with documents in the most natural way

KanBo’s approach to document management is simple. It decouples the document storage location from the place where employees work with documents. By doing so it solves the most difficult problem of any company today that deals with lots of documents stored across different systems like SharePoint, network drives, cloud storage or proprietary legacy archives, which is document duplication.

One-dimensional storage systems using folder structures cannot keep up with the velocity of todays business dynamics. Therefore, KanBo introduces the Document Sources mechanism to enable employees to connect any document storage location regardless the technology to any KanBo Board and use documents from there by attaching them to cards. One document can exist in dozens of cards in several Boards and still be the same document – no copies, always the newest version available for everyone from every work-context.

Additionally, each document is being versioned, and all version changes are being monitored by KanBo and are automatically pushed into the Card Streams. If someone changes a document and you follow a Card that has that document attached – you will be notified since that change occurred in the scope of a context you are following.

Last but not least you can work on the same document simultaneously on different devices and you will see the changes made by every editing person in real time as they are writing content – forget about sending your updated version to anyone – they have it already and you have theirs.

Email to KanBo Board

The bridge to your email world

Working together on shared email addresses like accounts@, sales@ and support@ can be a nightmare. KanBo incoming email lets you effortlessly bring your emails into the right context and have them available to all team members instantly. Every KanBo Board can have its unique email address with your own domain name. When an email is sent to that address it will be automatically converted into a card in a list you have specified along with the email address and it will upload all email attachments to the card just created. You can set restrictions like only board members can send emails to the board to avoid spam. Not only that, but every single card on every one of your boards can also have a unique email address. Sending an email to the cards address will attach the email and its contents to an existing card. All emails can be viewed inside of KanBo without leaving the context of the card.

Take a minute to let that productivity goldmine of a tip sink in: Capture sales leads and product demo requests, solicit community feedback, connect your legacy system to your digital workplace, simplify your applicant tracking workflow, etc.

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