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Beyond Real-Time
KanBo creates another level of collective understanding where everyone is at work regardless of where someone is working. You know more what is happening than if you were physically in the same room.


Real Time Broadcast

Always up to date

Whenever you are working in KanBo you will always see the most recent information with zero delay. When you open a card representing a certain context or portion of work you will see the recent actions, involved people, documents are always available in the newest version, so you do not have to search for them, all status and date information are as they are. On board level you see where everything stands and all the movements of cards between lists or status as they happen in real time across all devices. On the highest level of Board Collection all changes are shown as counters displaying in a consolidated way what is going on as things happen in Boards.

Activity Presence

Who is active in KanBo now?

When can I expect someone to collaborate with me on work related things? KanBo activity presence is part of a user’s profile in KanBo. It indicates user’s current availability and status to other users in the organization that are using KanBo. If users are actively working in KanBo you and the rest of the organization will be able to see that you are present – green. If you haven’t been active in KanBo for a while your presence will be “grey” indicting to others that you are not actively present in KanBo right now. If you are on holiday, based on your setting in Outlook or Google calendar, KanBo will indicate your unavailability by showing a black presence along with the date of your return from holiday.

Current visitors

Nice meeting you in the card!

Entering a KanBo card not only displays the current state of all elements and conversations within a certain work context but also shows who is right now with you also on that card. Having a visual confirmation of a colleague being present in the same moment in the same working context with you provides higher level of transparency and confidence that your team is being actively working towards the common goal.

Action Indicators

Co-authoring in the now

Several people can work in parallel in the same work object – in the KanBo card. During this parallel work each one can see which fragment of the card is currently being edited by which contributor. The work on the same card is being made visible even before you see the results. KanBo indicates which user is typing a message right now, who is editing a note or adds subtasks to a list or changes the due date. The ability to let the other person know something’s coming is extremely useful especially in high velocity environments.

Read Receipts

Is everyone up to date?

When a group of people works on something collaboratively it is crucial to them to have a complete transparency about the level of comprehending the state of the current status quo by the team. So basically, to find the answer to the question “Who knows how much about what is going on right now?” For example, knowing that a critical participant has not read about a certain development/information might trigger an escalation towards that person in order to get the situation under control. In KanBo you can always see who has read which portion of the Card Activity Stream in real time. This gives the team confidence and saves everyone precious energy by avoiding low quality team synchronisation meetings.

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