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KanBo empowers you to make the most of your time and lets you focus on what’s ahead

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In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%. (Dovico)


Knowledge workers, on average, have just 2 hours and 48 minutes a day for productive tasks (or 14 hours and 8 minutes a week). (RescueTime)

of knowledge workers never get more than 30 minutes straight of focused time. (RescueTime)

The ME perspective

To unleash the collaborative potential, organisations need to relieve individuals of their challenges to be efficient and effective. Encourage them to visualize and share their personal workload context within your organization to go beyond performance KPIs.

KanBo empowers every single employee to plan, manage and execute her/his workload aligned with their own priorities in a specific area called, the MyBoard.

Find out what's behind Personal Kanban
Personal Kanban

Go from idea to impact in minutes

At a time when organizational speed and execution are critical to gaining a competitive edge, modern work management — especially at scale — becomes increasingly a strategic stake.

KanBo relieves employees of their challenges to be efficient and effective, to identify best practices, and adapt with agility. KanBo is the most effective framework to plan, capture, manage, and report on work, enabling your organisation to deliver more reliable results and utilize resources more effectively.

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Rapidly Adapt to Changing Conditions

In the modern workplace, executive teams need more than weekly reports on what is happening within their organizations – they need granular access into work being done, and the ability to interact with task owners.

KanBo provides top-down visibility into projects, portfolios, and initiatives underway through a single-pane of glass. Armed with real-time visibility into work status, leaders and teams can focus on pressing issues, identify trends, and quickly shift priorities as conditions change.

Find out what's behind Beyond Real Time
Beyond Real-Time

Let people focus on things that matter most

KanBo protects your team from wasting time on routine work, searching for information or meetings just to get your team’s work toward goals in sync.

Organizations need a framework to get work done, not just talk about it – KanBo does not only that but also gradually reduces formality in an intuitive way so people can put their attention fully on execution of meaningful work.

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Powering your fast, agile business with fast decisions

See more and manage more with real-time visibility at all management levels. KanBo maintains a single source of truth for you from start to finish.

Making critical business decisions requires having the right information available in real-time. With KanBo you make better decisions, faster.

Find out what's behind Fast Decisions
Fast Decisions
Explore (Fail fast)

Fail fast, succeed faster

Encourage Risk-Taking. In a fast-moving digital culture, agility is key as employees must feel empowered to try new (and unproven) initiatives. KanBo activates innovation by supporting leaders that are intentional in building a culture where employees feel comfortable trying things that might fail.

This experimentation involves calculated risk, but that experimentation will ultimately drive results and lead your organization to new successes. KanBo naturally encourages team members to share what didn’t work so the entire organization can learn, rather than remain stuck in stasis. KanBo’s discipline is eliminating bureaucratic decision-making and shift your focus to innovation rather than strictly efficiency.

Find out what's behind Explore (fail fast)

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