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KanBo is your Operational System of Record. KanBo understands that your projects and data are core to your company’s future and competitive advantage. We devote significant resources to keeping your information secure and private.


Store your KanBo data in any location on the planet

You choose where you want your information to be

Organizations are challenged with selecting the on-premise, hybrid or cloud storage solution that best suits their IT infrastructure strategy. Finding the right solution for your business keeping in mind the costs, data protection from breach or intrusion, as well as ensure privacy and compliance with regulatory mandates, proper data retention and legal holds is already hard to accomplish. Or maybe you are a governmental, military or healthcare organization and you can only store your data physically disconnected from the public internet in a specific place or cloud – no worries – KanBo has got you covered whatever your security strategy is. KanBo can store its data on any infrastructure starting practically from a local server “under your desk” to the newest public cloud with Kubernetes Services.

Put Active Directory at the center

Control access to KanBo Boards through Azure Active Directory

Especially in larger enterprises Active Directory and Azure AD is at the core of any organization’s security. Active Directory groups are used to assign permissions to company resources like KanBo. KanBo provides external KanBo User Groups (eKUG) that can be connected to Active Directory groups. You can then assign the eKUG to KanBo Boards or KanBo Board Collections with specific roles (i.e. Visitor). By doing so you put Active Directory in control of KanBo. Now your on- and off-boarding processes that add and remove users from Active Directory groups indirectly handle access to KanBo resources. KanBo seamlessly becomes part of your resource pool.

Granular access levels to Boards

Simple to understand yet powerful to stay in control of your organization’s needs

The security model to manage access control in KanBo is easy to understand and covers the needs of most organizations. Each KanBo Board has these three default security groups associated with it:

  • Visitors – the only thing these users can do is read all Board content, follow, download Board documents and write comments on cards
  • Members – these users can do everything inside of a KanBo Board besides changing the structure or settings of the Board or invite others to the Board
  • Owners – these users have full control and they can do everything visitors, and members can do, plus they can invite others, change settings and structure of the Board

A team can use a KanBo Board to organize itself using the above mentioned access levels autonomously. Of course, a user will only be able to access KanBo Boards in which she/he is at least a visitor or the Board has been set up to be Public Board.

Disable deletion

Prevent deletion of content

Even if the delete Card and the delete Board buttons are not present at first sight on the KanBo UI sometimes users still manage to delete valuable information contained by a KanBo Card or even by an entire KanBo Board. In order to proactively ensure things don’t just get deleted KanBo allows Board Owners to disable the deletion of KanBo Cards. In order to remove a card from a Board, users need to use the Archive Card functionality, which puts the Card into the Board’s Archive. If it comes to entire Boards there is a setting that disallows deletion of Boards, instead they can only be closed in order to become inaccessible. Archived Cards and Closed Boards can be reactivated/reopened at any time and all their information will be present immediately with the same state of information as of the time of being archived or closed.

Compliance and proof of process

The immutability of KanBo is protected by blockchain

Considering modern regulatory challenges, businesses need all the help they have available to stay within the legal bounds and get competitive advantage, and blockchain technology can be used as an addendum to these best practices within the vast realm of compliance. The blockchain’s specialty is the ability to provide a step-by-step accounting of transactions, chains of custody, etc. KanBo provides a special blockchain module that ensures the immutability of the record of all transactions recorded by streams of Cards and streams of Boards, so basically you get a comprehensive journal of all actions performed including communication, document changes and all KanBo activities of all involved people kept perfectly in the contexts of KanBo Cards. Implemented that way KanBo ensures the inputs and actions are legitimate, provides regulators with unprecedented toolset to prove that accounting processes are sound, and that the figures being reported are up to snuff, avoiding the catastrophes that arise from illegitimate actions and behaviors.

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