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KanBo deeply integrates into your technological backbone and becomes part of your holistic IT ecosystem.


SharePoint App on premise

User adoption of SharePoint included

Extending your locally installed SharePoint with the KanBo SharePoint App will ensure that your investment in your SharePoint infrastructure will have a much quicker ROI as KanBo increases the engagement of everyday users immediately. Unlike the WSP packaging solution, KanBo is an App and its executable code is run on a specific server instead on your SharePoint farm – that way your SharePoint environment can be maintained without any dependencies to applications. KanBo can be configured to access specific Site Collections in your SharePoint and utilize their documents, resources and services like search to provide a powerful user experience that is intuitive and easier to use than the SharePoint native experience. KanBo comes with a variety of integrations into the SharePoint ecosystem like customizable profile sync incl. user photo, using the SharePoint People Picker, synchronizing SharePoint Security groups, automatic creation of SharePoint Sites based on any template, leveraging the SharePoint Search, accessing documents without copying them and providing several SharePoint Web Parts. KanBo supports SharePoint 2013 or any higher version.

Office365 SharePoint online App

Adding tangible value to your SharePoint Online

KanBo can be installed as a SharePoint Online App within any of the Office 365 plan, whether for a small business or a global enterprise. KanBo uses the Client Site Object Model (CSOM) to communicate with SharePoint Online and native web services to talk to products like Exchange, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, Active Directory, etc. It supports Office 365 OAuth and can also talk bi-directionally to PowerApps and Flow. Similar to the on-premises setup, KanBo supports the same variety of integrations into the SharePoint Online ecosystem. Even though KanBo is installed as a SharePoint App it leverages all the foundational services of Office 365 and Azure rather than pointing to outside services. In fact, KanBo works across the Office 365 products you already use every day, such as SharePoint, Office Groups, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams extension as Azure App

Extending the capabilities of Microsoft Teams

When installing KanBo as an Azure App the integration into the Office 365 environment utilizes the Office Graph API and not Office 365 product-native web service interfaces as is the case when KanBo is installed as SharePoint App. Besides that, KanBo uses the Office 365 Group concept as a base for its infrastructure behind KanBo Boards and not pure SharePoint Sites. Since Microsoft uses Office 365 Groups as the underlying concept also for Yammer and Teams, KanBo can easily make use of the resources and services of these two platforms. KanBo Boards are attached to existing Office 365 Groups or create those (of any type: native, Yammer, Teams) and inherit access to files, resources and services. KanBo also respects the assigned users of the particular Office 365 Group granting access to an attached board only to these users.

Google G Suite extension

Work smarter with Google and KanBo

Multiple integration and hassle-free single sign on with your Google Account enables you to easily connect G Suite with all your work in KanBo and use them both as one seamlessly integrated platform. Import Gmail contacts to quickly assign them to KanBo Boards or Cards, share updates and communicate via hangouts, use the Gmail Add On to make updates to your KanBo Cards without leaving your Gmail Inbox, store files in Google Drive or attach them directly to KanBo Cards without duplicating them. Access files directly from KanBo Cards and speed up communication with our Google Hangouts chat integration. Your team can receive, reply to KanBo notifications and reminders without leaving their Google communications hub. Stay on top of your key dates by syncing with Google Calendar with the KanBo Board Calendar view and display events from Google Calendar on the Timeline of a KanBo Board. Use import and export to move information between KanBo and Google Sheets. Update or create KanBo Cards from Google Forms using the KanBo data connector.

Amazon Web Services

Use the resources of AWS to host your KanBo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a broadly adopted cloud platform, offering fully featured services from data centers globally. KanBo can be installed on the AWS environment using AWS own native services. KanBo is installed on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk and uses an SQL Database from Amazon Relational Database Service to store its data. Additionally, all documents are stored in the fully managed, secure content creation, storage, and collaboration service called Amazon WorkDocs. The Single-Sign-On experience and advanced user management is being provided through AWS Directory Service.

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