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Out-of-the-box integrations work with your favorite everyday tools to get work done in context.


Microsoft Outlook KanBo App

Stay productive with KanBo while working in Outlook

Quickly create, edit, and comment on KanBo cards without leaving your Outlook. Turn email into actionable items and keep your team on track and make sure important emails never fall through the cracks. The Microsoft Outlook KanBo App allows you to:

  • Quickly create KanBo cards with content from your email messages including ToDo-Lists, Comments and Notes
  • Assign users, add or change the due date, labels, list or status of a KanBo card directly from Outlook
  • Edit and extend existing KanBo cards with information contained by emails to give full context
  • Choose and add attachments from your email messages to existing or new KanBo cards

Microsoft Teams Integration

KanBo Accelerates the Adoption of Microsoft Teams

By adding KanBo to your Microsoft Teams strategy, you create an in-depth work management environment that will equip your employees with an incredibly transparent platform that dramatically improves the context of the work that they do, and the content that they create.
KanBo can be configured to be deeply integrated into the Office 365 Groups concept that sets the foundation for Teams and Channels within the Microsoft Teams Application. KanBo hooks into the existing Teams/Groups structure and reuses the already existing resources of the Team/Group to access and store documents. Microsoft Teams and KanBo leverage the same Azure Active Directory of the Office 365 tenant to authenticate users. There can be several KanBo Boards attached to a Team/Group and they inherit the permissions from the user management of the Team/Group so Teams has total control over KanBo Boards. On the other hand, KanBo can access and attach all documents that are stored within a Team/Group to KanBo cards without copying them – this also works vice versa where documents uploaded to KanBo cards can be accessed by Microsoft Teams channels. You can also configure KanBo as a side application to Microsoft Teams within your Office 365 tenant and have its own Document storage within a dedicated SharePoint Site Collection. KanBo will have its own user management per Board also leveraging the Azure Active Directory since it is part of the Office 365 tenant.
In both integration scenarios there are the same powerful integration capabilities available like Tabs, Adaptive Cards, Connector, Messaging extensions, Task modules, Deep links, Activity feed integrations and finally the powerful KanBo Bot named “K” [keɪ]. K goes beyond a regular bot executing simple tasks, such as creating new KanBo cards, sending notifications, adding comments, or setting due dates. It is a true digital assistant that acts as an “advisor” that can identify critical paths, suggest work or milestones that require your full attention, or estimate project impacts and delays should a key employee become unavailable, etc. Instead of creating reports, employees can interact with K within Teams using natural language for real-time insights. Powered by a Machine Learning conversional framework, K is learning the individual contexts of employees and fuels individual and group conversations within Microsoft Teams with essential insights ensuring alignment and synergy at highest levels possible.

SharePoint Document Libraries & OneDrive

Work seamlessly with documents from your entire SharePoint & OneDrive in KanBo

Connect any Document Library (as document source) from any Site Collection, SharePoint Website or Office 365 Group in SharePoint online or on-premises to any KanBo Board and use your documents in cards without creating multiple copies of those documents. Furthermore, KanBo attaches an external event handler so KanBo can inform users about any document changes inside Card Activity Streams of these cards where the documents are attached to. One KanBo Board can have several document sources. One document source can be connected to many KanBo Boards. KanBo observes the permissions settings of Document Libraries connected to KanBo and does not override them, so even if a user has access to a Board and there are documents from a Document Library, for which he/she does not have access to, KanBo will show access denied.

Delve Search Integration

KanBo Search powered by Office Graph

Delve looks across the entire Office 365 tenant, that is in SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business sites and email attachments for documents and determines what is most relevant to you based on search algorithms and signals from the Office Graph AI. KanBo uses Delve resources to surface to you personalized document results based on Delve search results to make your search within KanBo as effective as it gets so you not only see the most relevant contexts you are working inside of KanBo but also the most relevant documents across your entire Office 365 ecosystem – all in one place – the comprehensive KanBo Search UI.

Nintex Integration

Automate KanBo with an easy, point-and-click workflow engine

Nintex makes it easy to automate processes throughout your organization. The drag-and-drop, code-free design experience makes it possible for users to build and publish workflows and forms easily and quickly. With more than 60 Nintex custom actions available right in the Nintex drag & drop workflow designer you can execute most of the KanBo functions from Nintex starting from creating an entire Board to marking a ToDo-list item as complete, uploading a Document to a KanBo Card, to sending a comment into the Card Activity Stream. Nintex executes your workflow, while receiving regular status updates, collaborate with other users, and get process-related insights on KanBo Boards in real time. The seamless integration with Nintex that controls the workflow and KanBo, which visualizes and enables collaboration around it, is truly a unique approach to reduce the handling of complex business processes without losing its depth. KanBo integrates with the on-premises and the cloud version of Nintex products.

FireStart Integration

KanBo as part of your low-code Business Process Management suite

The integration of process and workflow management with the strong visualization and UX of KanBo creates a new discipline of business applications. Business processes are complex and keeping all process participants on the same page is a tough problem to solve especially if it comes to long running workflows. The seamless integration with FireStart that controls the workflow and KanBo, which visualizes and enables collaboration around it, is truly a unique approach to reduce the handling of complex business processes without losing its depth. FireStart controls your workflow execution, while receiving regular status updates, collaborate with other users, and get process-related insights on KanBo Boards in real time. With more than 60 FireStart custom activities available right in the FireStart drag & drop workflow designer you can execute most of the KanBo functions from FireStart.
Another strong use case of this integration is the enablement of collaborative “Process Shaping” all the way to a Functional Process Model. It often requires a great deal of time and resources to reach the final version. With KanBo there is a collaborative way of “process shaping”. Once the process shape has proven to be usable and does not change anymore it can be automatically transferred to FireStart. There you can carry out fine-grained modelling of this process, so it becomes an executable workflow. Be the first to take advantage of this unique approach to develop your business process collaboratively in production environments. KanBo integrates with the on-premises and the cloud version of FireStart.

Egnyte Integration

Store and manage your KanBo documents on a Secure Content Platform

With Egnyte you get a scalable and secure content infrastructure to store KanBo documents using single sign on (SSO) experience (i.e. with Active Directory or any other authentication provider). KanBo automatically creates folders in Egnyte for storing Board documents and syncs the KanBo user permissions accordingly to Egnyte. All document operations like upload, download, edit in Egnyte, etc. are supported and all version changes of documents are shown in the KanBo Card activity stream. Furthermore, KanBo uses Egnyte’s document full text indexing engine capabilities to seamlessly incorporate Egnyte’s search results into KanBo’s powerful search UX. Another highlight of KanBo’s deep integration with Egnyte is the ability to attach and work with documents in KanBo Cards from any Egnyte folder.

Import Data from everywhere

Bring disparate data sources into work context

Centralize disparate data, drive collaboration, provide real-time visibility into multiple business systems, and empower your team to be more efficient through effective work execution. Transform your plain data into powerful KanBo Cards for visibility, faster & better actions. Unite your platforms by importing data from your enterprise systems into KanBo: ERP, CRM, database, and more. Easy centralize your information by simply downloading it from any system to a CSV file, Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet that can be brought into KanBo. Save time, reduce errors, eliminate hours spent sorting, filtering and copying data from other systems into KanBo Cards. Automatically merge or replace data from a third-party application, like Excel, into KanBo without the need to manually copy and paste. The Data Importer works with Excel files, or virtually any CRM, ERP, LDAP, database or project management tool that can export to .csv.

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