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Pillar 4


Usability, dependability and security, you can trust to run your business on

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of business leaders think that digital technologies will become an important challenge over the next 5 years. (Québec International)

of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020 (Logic Monitor’s Cloud Vision 2020)

of people over 55 years old and older said a top reason for using their voice-activated speaker is “it empowers me to get answers and information instantly” (Forrester Research)

Deploy with confidence

Our goal has been to ensure that KanBo is deployable on any infrastructure. That includes environments that are even physically disconnected from the public internet behind customer’s firewall as well as on any major public cloud available today.

Experience unparalleled productivity on a platform designed for coordination and execution of work, without making compromises to your investment in your existing infrastructure.

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Work seamlessly across your favorite enterprise backbones

When it comes to technology, there’s no such thing as a single platform that meets everyone’s needs. KanBo works seamlessly with the top cloud productivity suites and apps, so you can focus on the work that matters most to your organization using the best tool for the job.

Supercharge your organizational productivity with native integrations into SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, AWS or Salesforce and many more. KanBo supports also the high security cloud infrastructures known as Office 365 GCC High, DoD (Department of Defense) and AWS GovCloud.

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Integrate your way and connect people to work

In order to successfully work digitally, you need a software platform that seamlessly connects people to work. KanBo integrates with a wide variety of the most popular enterprise and business apps.

Enable your business teams to sync and automate data across the organization without boundaries of technical silos. KanBo organizes work in one place reducing friction between people and tools.

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Deep Integration

Maximize security and reliability

KanBo provides protections that traditional software vendors can’t. We build, and continually update, rigorous safeguards into every part of KanBo to maintain the highest security and maximum uptime.

As part of your infrastructure KanBo meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of your IT department so you are in control of access and data. KanBo never calls home and is as secure as your infrastructure.

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Build your own integration

KanBo’s API enables customization and automation of your organization’s workflow through code built to specialize your use of KanBo. Using KanBo to track your work and leveraging KanBo’s API to automate your processes is a powerful combination which can make your organization much more efficient.

KanBo’s API provides a means for software and scripts to read information from inside KanBo, input information from outside KanBo, and automatically react when things change. Build your own integrations, bots, automations, customize and track your own workflow.

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