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Employees should work around energy instead of hours. On a personal level, remote work gives them the freedom to structure their day however they choose, which helps in two key ways: productivity and work/life balance.


Notifications in real time

Work does not happen in a place, work happens in a context

As interest in and ability to work remotely increases, businesses struggle with how to offer the flexibility employees expect while maintaining productivity and quality levels. Productivity comes in cycles and there is no way to align those cycles of all team members because they are humans not machines. Knowing people will be working and communicating asynchronously KanBo assists them in working out loud by automatically capturing their actions into contexts and creating streams based on it containing detailed information what happened so far in a given context. That way other participants/team members can catch up about any context at any time without disturbing others. KanBo provides its real time notifications across devices to ensure all relevant participants are in sync regardless their physical location or time zone. The relevancy is based on participation within a certain context (Card, List, Board, Board Collection) or the explicit choice to stay informed (follow). The employees choose themselves what contexts to follow as only them can decide what is relevant to them at any given moment.

Detail levels in streams

Control the volume of information

When you enter a KanBo Card or KanBo Board you will notice its activity stream containing the entire history from the moment of creation through now. The details of all mechanical events in the stream like the change of the name of a note, update of a document, messages of Card members and Card Status changes can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s crucial to present employees with only the information they need to see. Each user in KanBo can personalize the view of the stream by selecting one of the three predefined filters to get only messages or the most important events like user assignments or status changes, the third option is to see the complete stream with full details.


See who is waiting on you and why

Sometimes you just cannot move on with work because someone else has not delivered yet or you need a decision from someone else – a classic block up on the road. Just mark the work as blocked, enter a reason and optionally point out users who you think would be potentially able to resolve it. KanBo will keep reminding the right users about the block-ups to ensure their reaction and hopefully a quick resolution. In KanBo you will see who is waiting on you and in which cards. If cards with block-ups have relations, then KanBo will determine the critical path of resolution and prioritize the block-up reminders accordingly. Once the card gets unblocked the members of related cards will receive notifications about it. The block-up resolution time chart makes the story perfect by showing how much time it took for a blocker to be resolved.

User Activity Stream

What is happening around someone?

Life is full of surprises and that is what makes it worth living but sometimes it can be a real challenge. In situations where a co-worker calls in sick and you were asked to take over their project or someone leaves the company, KanBo’s user activity stream can be a lifesaver by showing you what that person was doing recently. Sometimes you know that a colleague is working on something that you are looking for – instead of trying to get through to her/him, you can just look it up in the user activity stream and find the context of work you were looking for. Of course, you will only be able to see activities from Boards you have access to.

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