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KanBo brings transparency and trust – the natural traits for purpose-driven teams

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of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. (Forbes after Harvard Business Review)

seconds a day

The average working person spends less than 30 seconds a day in meaningful communication with their children. (Dovico)

of employees who work remotely believe that they get more work done then if they worked in their company’s office. (Valuewalk)

Create teams without borders driven by a shared purpose

Grant your employees and teams professional freedom within clearly defined borders of a solid and intuitive work framework.

Increase responsibility with transparency, maintain control and at the same time shorten iteration cycles, embrace lean decision making and empower cross-competence collaboration.

Find out what’s behind Agile Working Culture
Agile Working Culture

Enable leaders to constantly push their organizations to be in the right place

Execute right strategies and tactics to deliver desired business outcomes and determine what work needs to get done, how much to invest in which efforts, and how to prioritize opportunities.

KanBo provides a cross-functional view of the core capabilities of the broader organization, enabling collaboration across organizational boundaries, and empower product owners to provide day-to-day guidance on objectives, priorities, and tasks.

Find out what’s behind Leadership

Make your teams smarter with Collective Intelligence

Improve on making decisions together with cross-functional project teams, forming a consensus quicker, crowdsourcing different ideas and questions in perfect context with KanBo.

Use your competitive advantage when different minds are brought together – new levels of understanding emerge. KanBo captures knowledge as people execute work collaboratively and re-surfaces it at the right time and in the right context.

Find out what’s behind Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
Engagement and Adoption

Improve productivity and performance from an engaged workforce

There is only one solution to micro-management, this is trust! The key to an effective digital workplace stems from putting the employee’s experience at the centre. With KanBo, teams self-organize their information structures, bottom-up, feedback- and outcome-oriented.

Engage your workforce through empathy and ownership – create the right environment to feel and to own ideas – maintain competitive advantage with happier teams.

Find out what’s behind Enagagement and Adoption

Keep up with the remote workforce

Added benefits of remote work include less commutes, lower office costs in overcrowded urban areas, higher productivity and employee retention. KanBo delivers great visibility when establishing the necessary processes for any team to work effectively, especially a remote team where communication is mostly asynchronous.

KanBo naturally supports the development of a culture that offers their employees greater freedom, promotes creativity and innovation, and encourages transparency and inclusiveness.

Find out what’s behind Working Remotely
Working Remotely

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