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KanBo Release Notes 2.7.6

We have worked hard to make KanBo even better, and have added a number of exciting improvements. In this article, you will find all of the features that have been shipped in the KanBo 2.7.6 Release.

To update your KanBo version, follow this update procedure!

New Authentication

We have rewritten the entire Authentication in KanBo to be compatible with the most modern auth standards and make KanBo even more efficient. 

Read more here.

Search algorithms improvements

Search component has been improved in many different manners. We introduced many new advanced card-relevancy algorithms to make sure you always find the matching Cards in your Search results.  Search component’s performance has been much improved as well. 

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Change of logo

KanBo logo has been changed in the browser as well as in the mobile view.  

Board Collections now have their own URLs 

Now every Board Collection has its own URL address. When you enter any Board Collection, it will have a unique number at the end of the address. The default (first) Board Collection has a number based on your KanBo id. 

You can now get the Board Collection URL and share it with your colleagues, so they can see your workflow right away. 

Read more here.

Hide sections showing user activity

The error email reports now contain less personal information. User details and view state are removed from the report. 

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Import Boards from Trello

Import from Trello is an additional and separately installed component. 

If your organization uses Trello and migrates to Office 365, you can take advantage and import all Trello data to KanBo. By use of a few clicks, the whole Trello Boards’ structure will be transferred into KanBo Boards and Cards. Data import is lossless and complex as every element of Trello Board and Card is transferred directly into a corresponding place in KanBo. All elements of a card will be transferred: Labels, Documents, Users, Comments, Todo items with status, Due Dates, etc. A Board in Trello is imported into KanBo with all its structure saved. 

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