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KanBo Release Notes 2.7.3

We have worked hard to make KanBo even better, and have added a number of exciting improvements. In this article, you will find all of the features that have been shipped in the KanBo 2.7.3 Release.

To update your KanBo version, follow this update procedure!

New Search design

We have re-designed the entire Search section. It’s now more transparent and gives you the most important results right away.
The search will also show you a name of the board in which you are currently. While using Search in a KanBo Board, the Search will show you in which Board you are looking for results. Previously it was „Limit search scope to this board”.

Read more here.

Activity streams improvements

The following changes have been applied to notifications and activity streams (in Card, in Board and in User’s activities section).

– All activities and notifications (Card and Board activity streams, User’s activities, Notifications) will be now sorted by the following Time sections: Today, Last week, 2 weeks ago, last month, older (older than a month ago).

– Indication in which board a chat message was written. This indication appears in notifications.

Read more here.

New options for grouping Cards in a Board

Now you can use grouping cards by the assigned label on your Board. We introduce a new way of grouping cards – by dates.  In this grouping option, you will see cards ordered chronologically and grouped by Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Next week, Later.

Also, naming has changed for Lists view and its name now Group: by Lists. What’s more, you can use Include and Exclude option for example to hide cards tagged with some label or not equipped with a status.

Read more here.

Board and MyBoard calendar improvements

We have improved the calendar by adding the following to its items:

  • Users are now visible in cards,
  • Numbers of weeks are added to it,
  • The filter is available there,
  • The hour of dates is added near items,
  • The list view is available in Calendar.

Read more here and here.

KanBo new design

The graphical layout of KanBo has changed to be even more user-friendly and help you with coordination your work.

Read more here.

Notifications are now changed and grouped

Notifications which users received have been redesigned and shortened. Now, notifications show the board in which notification was made / a card (indicated by icon) in which activity has happened

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Alarm reminders

We have implemented a new Alarms service. An alarm can be set to any date in a card and a notification will appear at user’s Notifications section and in Card’s stream while the alarm is occuring. The user can add different dates to a card. It is possible to add reminders before 15/30/etc. minutes/days/weeks. The reminder service distinguishes between two types of messages: Card Messages and Personal Messages.

Read more here.

User activity

Every user in KanBo can see his own activity or see the activity of other users. Simply click on the user’s icon and select Activity

Read more here.

Drag&Drop labels into Cards

To speed up the card adjustment process, we introduce a functionality of adding labels to the card by using Drag&Drop in the Board view. Discover how easy it is now to equip many cards with labels!

Read more here.

More advanced filters

In the previous release of KanBo, we introduced advanced filtering of a board by using AND as well as OR operators. This gives you a chance to filter out the exact results in the form of cards. We also support Include and Exclude options for filtering.

We have improved this functionality and now it is equipped with a possibility to filter by multiple statuses at once.

Read more here.

Filter Cards by date

With this functionality, you can easily see how many cards in your Board are overdue or coming today, tomorrow, next week or later.

Read more here.

The indicator in list’s headers

The indicator will appear under list’s header and will show how many cards are hidden because of the filter.

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Enable or disable features in a Board

In Board Settings, you can choose to enable or disable features i.e. Gantt chart, Analytics etc. Gantt chart and Analytics are disabled by default while creating a new Board and they must be enabled to use them in this board.

Read more here.

New shortcuts available

There are now 3 shortcuts available in KanBo.

General: click on q to open/close the Notifications panel.

Card: click on n to move to the next card in a list, click on p to move to the previous card in a list.

Read more here.

Export Board to CSV/Excel

The Exporter component will retrieve all data from a Board (or from multiple Boards) for you. Data will be provided to you in .csv format from Boards:

  • Cards,
  • Chat,
  • Files
  • Board General Info.

Read more here.

Install KanBo as Office 365 groups extension

We now provide KanBo in a new installation flavor which will give your organization many possibilities. Installing KanBo as Office 365 Groups Extension lets you integrate KanBo deeper with Microsoft Teams (Groups), Outlook (Groups) and Yammer (Groups). KanBo will use the same Documents as the Group and vice versa. KanBo will inherit the User Management from the Office Group the KanBo Board is attached to and there is no need to manually manage users. All user’s information (i.e.: name, email, photograph) will be imported from their Office 365 logins.

Read more here.

KanBo Search (Solr 7.5)

We have updated the search engine behind KanBo.

From the user’s perspective, the following will change:

– an incremental search of documents will be present,

– the search will look into cards by name of elements too (names of task lists, document groups, custom dates, notes, subcard groups),

-the search will find boards if the name is part of its list names,

Also, the new search engine will make the entire searching process faster and more efficient.

Search is not built in KanBo and will have to be updated separately.

Read more here.

In a scenario when installing KanBo Search on a Virtual Machine is not possible, you can install it as an Azure Web App.

Read more here.

User-related synchronization modules

We introduce you 3 modules for user management:

  • Active Directory User import – which will save you much time on adding users to KanBo. With this component, you can import all users from an OU in a  few clicks.
  • Active Directory User Groups Synchronization – add and synchronize users from your Active Directory user groups (Security and Distribution ones).
  • SharePoint Profiles Synchronization – with this component, you can save a lot of user’s time which they would spend on filling their KanBo Profiles. This plugin will import avatar and other profile information from the SharePoint About Me section.

Other features and improvements

  1. Define board features to be enabled/disabled by default Configuring features which should be enabled or disabled by default is now easy like never before. KanBo allows you to define crucial Boards settings before any board is created. Read more here.