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KanBo 2.6 Release Notes

We have worked hard to make KanBo even better, and have added a number of exciting improvements. In this article, you will find all of the features that have been shipped in the KanBo 2.6 Release.

To update your KanBo version, follow this update procedure!

New and modern KanBo User Interface containing:

  • Brighter background color,
  • A new set of lively colors for KanBo elements and items,
  • Unified icons throughout the KanBo environment,
  • New and modern font is applied,
  • Improved left menu. Functional icons now contain descriptions in a single view,
  • Refined navigational Board menu with a new look containing all views and switching between them in a consistent way.

The Card’s look has changed as well.

  • Users section which now is equipped with all relevant elements, such as who has viewed the card, and who is following,
  • Indication of messages in Card’s stream. It is now much easier to distinguish between information added by you (green), other users (white) and KanBo (light grey).


Personal KanBo Home

Personal KanBo Home provides powerful functionality, allowing you to collect all your chosen Boards within groups on the KanBo landing page.

The Personal KanBo Home displays all Boards which you have added, and might contain Private KanBo Boards in which you are a Owner, Member or Guest, or Public Boards which you joined as a member, or not.


Public Boards

We have implemented an extra Boards type – Public Boards, which are open to everyone.

Public Boards can be viewed by every user in KanBo, as well as added to your Personal KanBo Home.

In the Public Boards, users can join a Board on their own by clicking the Join button.

What’s more, once someone creates a Public Board, you will be able to add it to your Personal KanBo Home by using Discover Boards pop-up or section in KanBo.


Openbook flag

Openbook is a new setting in KanBo configuration.

This functionality will allow you to decide whether all KanBo users are able to create new Boards or not.

When Openbook availability is set as enabled, not only Managers, but also regular users can create their own Public and Private Boards.

More here and here.

Suggested Boards pop-up

Once you are adding a new Board with a name which is similar to other Boards’ names, you will be shown with a Suggested Boards pop-up.

The communicate will inform you that you are creating a Board with a similar name. Suggested Boards’ color will be indicated in the pop-up. You can open a suggested Board and it will be opened in a new tab of a browser.

Click Add anyway to create a new Board despite of the communicate.


Reading out your Outlook calendar

When you add a new Appointment to your Outlook Calendar, a new event will be added to a Timeline in your MyBoard.

The event will be marked as an Outlook event by a special icon.


Synchronizing cards to Outlook

Take advantage of a powerful integration between KanBo and Exchange!

Once the integration is enabled, every Card added to your MyBoard will be transferred to Outlook as a Task or Appointment in the Calendar.

You can choose freely in MyBoard settings whether you would like MyBoard Cards be transferred as Tasks or Appointments.


Microsoft Teams Integration

If your organization works in Office 365 and uses Microsoft Teams, you can display KanBo Boards in a Team channel. With the new KanBo integrations to Microsoft Teams, you can see your team’s conversations and all information necessary to get your work done in KanBo.


Mr. K – the KanBo Bot

Meet Mr. K – the KanBo Bot. Enable it in your MS Teams Channel and command it to perform many KanBo actions.

For example, you can ask Mr. K to:

  • Add a Card
  • Add a comment on a Card
  • Set a due date for a Card
  • Assign co-workers and responsible users
  • Add a new message to the Board Chat
  • Subscribe to Cards and Boards to receive all notifications within the relevant channel stream (conversation)
  • Search in KanBo for a keyword

Smart link handling

We have improved adding and entering links in KanBo.

Now every link leading to an external (not-KanBo) page will be opened in a new tab of your browser as well as every internal KanBo link will be opened in the same tab of a browser.


Correction of file name containing not supporting special characters

KanBo uses SharePoint to store files and it has some restrictions in regards to file names. You can see all document restrictions here.

Once you upload a new document that contains unsupported characters, a communication prompt will appear. Now you can move forward and upload the document with corrected name, and KanBo will correct the name for you.


Indication of users which are with you in a Card right now

Want to know if who is right now with you on a card? Check out the new blue, flashing indicator inside of the users section (Displayed by) when other people have also the card opened.


Improved user management

Every users will be now indicated by hover effect in general Users section as well as in Users section in a Board.

Also, once you click on More icon next to name of a particular user, you will be presented with a set of user actions as well as indication of this user’s name.

More here and here.

Lists Sub headers

They will provide you real time Information about the number of Cards and open/total Subtasks in a List.


Folders in Documents Section

Do you need a new folder to store a document before you attach it to a card? Now you can create folders for files in Documents section.

Also, we have equipped the Documents section with a transparent navigation.


Drag & Drop Cards into Timeline to set their due date.

Simplify and accelerate setting due dates to Cards by moving them to the exact term on the Timeline.


Display all dates in Board and MyBoard Timeline

Keep track with all your dates, reminders and milestones.

Now,  once you add dates to a Card in a Board, you will be presented with indication of Start dates, Due dates, Card dates and Personal reminders in the Board’s Timeline and Calendar.

We have also enchanced MyBoard Timeline and Calendar with indication of all previously mentioned Card dates and also events from Outlook Calendar.

More here and here.

Move dates from Timeline by Drag&Drop

Once you have added dates to Cards in your Board, they will appear as items on the Timeline. Now you can click on items and move them to another date on Timeline. The chosen Card date will be changed accordingly to your choice.

More here and here.

Indication and positioning of a Card on Timeline

Find your important Cards within a simple click. Now, once you open a Timeline event and hover on Card’s name, the Card will be visibly indicated through all other Cards. Also, the Board will be positioned to show your Card in case it’s added to another List.

More here and here.

Improved Card Statuses

Now you can simply change a status of a Card by clicking on statuses icons.


Notifications Stream Improvements

We have improved the Notification Stream functionality. Improvements consists of:

  • Ability to mark a notification as unread.
  • Only unread notifications are shown by default. If you have no notifications left, you will be presented with the message “You are up to date.”
  • When a notification is marked as read, it will no longer be visible in the Notification Center, except when you click on the 3 dots and open the notification panel, and then select Show All.


Notifications about user actions in a Board

Now, once a user is added, removed or his permission level is changed in a Board, he will get notifications about these actions.


Powerful, right? Try it yourself for free now!