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KanBo 2.1.1 Release notes

In this article you will find all features that have been shipped in the release 2.1.1 of KanBo eventually what bugs were fixed.

Archived Cards in MyBoard

You can clearly recognize cards in MyBoard that have been archived in the original Boards.

Extended options in board collection settings

It is possible to disable the deletion of Boards so you can only close Boards – important information will never get lost.

Additionally, you can change the date format so it fits your region.

Introduction of a new Board elelemt called Board Timeline

Say hello to the Board Calendar

The Board Calendar shows all cards that have a due date on a calendar. You can change views between Month, Week and Day.

Introducing Board Chat

Board Chat is the place where Board Members can discuss ideas or just chat about things that are not related to any particular card. All functionality that you would expect from a Newsfeed is there: Mentioning, Likes, Replying, Sorting by newest post or thread. Of course you will never miss a conversation because the Board Chat is integrated with your notifications counter.

The Lists have additional features now

Firstly you can archive all cards that are in that list with a single click.

Secondly you can set colors for Lists.

Thirdly you can set a List to ignore due dates. This comes very handy when a list represents i.e. the “Done” List, where you do not want to see passed due dates in red color. Ignoring due dates also disables alerting when you open the card and does not show cards on the Board Timeline.

Better filters in Board

We added a free text filter. Now you can combine your filters visually. You can use assigned Users, Labels and free Text.

When you close the Filter panel the filtering is still active – you can see that because the Filter icon is blue. Even if you enter a card and navigate back – the board remembers the filters. Once you navigate away from the Board and come back filters will be reset.

Automatic scrolling while dragging a card horizontally and vertically

KanBo shows when you are offline and reconnects automatically when you are online

Extended personal settings

It is possible to display the MyBoard right beside your avatar so you can quickly access it.

With the personal Region Settings you can override the settings of every board. This is especially good when you are working with international teams from all over the world and the time format varies even though the official language is English.

You can enable a sound for notifications – it behaves intelligently and only goes off once for 5 minutes.

Lastly you can enable Email Notifications of your unread KanBo notifications – here you can set how often the system shall send you emails, every 15 minutes, every hour

Office 365 features: App Launcher integration

When you are using KanBo on Office 365 you can enable the App Launcher inside of KanBo so you can easily navigate between Office 365 and KanBo.

Open documents in browser (Office online)

Since Microsoft provides the technology to edit office documents online in a browser you can enable this powerfull functionality on Office 365 as well as on premise.

Move cards between this lists in Board without leaving the card

Just behind the title of the Board where the card is in you see the name of the List the card is currently in. You can click on the name of the List and a menu with all available lists opens. Now you can choose to which list you would like to move the card without leaving it – it saves a lot of time and you can use it in a mobile browser.

Close and Reopen Boards

Image thumbnails are now shown inside of streams

Additional functionalities

  1. Allow to mention myself in Checklists and Notes
  2. Major performance improvements while loading boards because of caching of data
  3. Permission changes are now applied in real time to affected users
  4. Internet Explorer memory leak fixed