Kanban (Japanese signboard or signal card) is based on a very simple idea. Work In Progress should be limited and something new should be started only when an existing piece of work is delivered or accomplished. New piece of work should be postponed until free capacities become available. The number of work in progress (WIP) slots can be adjusted to reach the optimal workload.

Kanban visually exposes bottlenecks, queues, variability and waste – things, which impact the performance of the organization in terms of the quantity of valuable work delivered and time required to deliver it.

Kanban provides team members and external stakeholders with visibility into the effectiveness of their actions (or inactions.)


Socialcomm – unication is characterized by:

  • User is a contributor and participates
  • Basic trust
  • Instant feedback channel
  • Rich User Interface incl. real-time
  • In-context-conversations (no-email)
  • Personalization of information (subscription)
  • Free classification of content
  • Non disturbing notifications (no-email)

The human communication is being enriched by a semantic web engine as it generates and seamlessly includes new information into the Socialcomm eco-system based on statistical algorithms.


Microsoft SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies as platform for content management, document management, business processes, social, reporting, search and custom applications.

SharePoint comprises a multipurpose set of Web technologies backed by a common technical infrastructure.

As an application platform, SharePoint provides central management, governance, security controls for implementation and incorporates a complete development stack based on web technologies and standards-based APIs of Microsoft.NET.


Mobile clients Nowadays it would be impossible to stay in the loop without appropriate mobile access to information. KanBo is using the beautiful METRO Design language to master this challenge.
Why is KanBo different from other enterprise social communication or project management solutions? What can KanBo do for your Organization?
we give you... KanBo the Art of moderation KanBo combines elements of Kanban with Socialcomm and the very best of Microsoft SharePoint. KanBo visualizes the flow of work inside of organizations and helps them to get the work done in a sustained manner.
You decide what’s important to you Feel the heartbeat of your organization displayed through a beautiful Metro Design user interface. Say hello to the board It shows you everything you need to know about a project or team at a glance. Now lets zoom in!
Meet the card The central element of KanBo representing a piece of work – can be anything. One little card – thousands of possibilities! The front of the card The small interactive icons represent the information reduced to a minimum. When you see the back of that card you will immediately understand the compression ratio of information represented by the front of the card The back of the card
Working together like never before Visualization of how work flows
A state of the art visual project management platform. KanBo uses real time technology where all changes are refreshed by the browser instantly without need to reload. KanBo is intuitive and does not require training. KanBo is a vehicle that drives your organization on the roads of Kanban powered by social energy.

Visualization of work

All people are on the same page, always!

Instant clarity

Capture the current reality of projects or teams – base your decisions on current figures

Productivity boost

Minimization of waste of time e.g. waiting for someone who does not know about it

Improved communication quality

Collaboration takes place in the context of a card, which reduces repeating redundant information (in-context-communication)

Collect social knowledge

In a way that reusing it is a zero effort task for employees. Start to profit from your organization’s knowledge today

Easy to learn – no training required

People will understand the concept and the GUI immediately – higher productivity and satisfaction among employees guaranteed

Flexible structure

Adapt the flow to any situation, process or project

Enable mobile workers

Full scope of functionality available on touch enabled devices (tablets, smartphones)

Limit work in progress

Prevent bottlenecks, quickly identify problems with flow of work and information, govern work and how it flows

Works on Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure

Reduce TCO and reuse established organization’s infrastructure

Instant clarity. Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use.
Track of progress Activity stream Labels Documents assigned
How much time is left on your project.
Tracking booking hours has never been easier. Just drop the card you are currently working on and don’t worry about booking hours anymore. Get people onboard
Use the SharePoint infrastructure to add new board members. Presence information and Lync help you to get in touch with people instantly. Non interruptive and personalized notifications
No interrupting emails from colleagues anymore. Get information on what you care about the most in real time. Follow topics, cards, boards. Assign work to board members
Everyone will be able to see what everyone else is working on. Lync presence will help you to communicate. Eliminate email traffic and get everyone on the same page – fast. Implement continuous improvement into your daily work – the principal of... Kaizen Kaizen Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvementof processes. example: Recruitment process gives opportunities for both employees and management to provide feedback and to instantly influence or change the flow of work – that is Kaizen at its purest.
Just install the KanBo client app on your Windows 8 notebook, tablet or Windows 8 phone and participate in real time.
Main purpose is to organize and execute work – any work! It makes use of social communication to improve speed, efficiency and the results’ quality of organizations. It has been designed to be a part of SharePoint environment – regardless if on premise or cloud. KanBo provides apps in the Windows/Phone Store supporting Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.